Explore Our Curriculum

What makes Porter’s so exceptional? Our offerings are vast, but our attention is focused. With 110 course offerings, including extensive Advanced Placement options, students experience a wealth of opportunities in their course of study. With an average class size of 12 and a student to teacher ratio of 7-to-1, their intellectual curiosity is encouraged and empowered.

Goals Across the Curriculum
Ultimately, the goal of a Miss Porter’s School education is to develop engaged, self-directed learners. Through her studies, each student develops the following abilities:
  • to use effectively the tools and techniques of each discipline;
  • to identify and solve problems in increasingly complex contexts; 
  • to progress from concrete to abstract understanding; 
  • to connect ideas across disciplines; 
  • to think creatively and act ethically; 
  • to develop a global perspective; 
  • to build bridges with peers and mentors from a wide range of life experiences; 
  • to communicate clearly and effectively with her own voice.