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In any given year, the Annual Fund provides between 10 to 13 percent of the school’s operating budget and helps to underwrite every element of the Porter’s educational experience–-its rich academic and extracurricular programs, financial aid, faculty salaries and maintenance of the school’s historic campus.

The Annual Fund runs on a fiscal calendar, beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30.

To better understand the importance of the Annual Fund and how your gift makes a direct impact, please visit the Your Gift in Action section.

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Annual Fund Honor Roll of Donors
Annual Fund Honor Roll of Donors

Gloria Barnes Van Norden 1941
Sally Ann McPherson Isham 1944
Ruth Robinson Warner 1945
Sarah Robinson McAndrew 1947
Gail Patterson Hunter 1948
Jeanne Dewey Kennedy 1950
Jean Campbell Beaven 1951
Florence Ayres Rubsamen 1953
Phyllis Wright Fragola 1954
Elisabeth Nicholson Holmes 1954
Florence Hammond Phillips 1954
Sheila Maynard Platt 1954
Emily Joyce Sanders 1954
Jean Marckwald Chapin 1956
Robin Rowan Clarke 1956
Agnes Gund 1956
Elisabeth Cole Carpentieri 1957
Mimi Colgate Kirk 1957
Jean Hamilton Pearman 1959
Sandria Ryan Parsons 1960
Elizabeth Bartlett Hill 1961
Deming Pratt Holleran 1961
Kirk Dyett Huffard 1961
Laura Neuhaus Pew 1961
Marjorie Greenleaf Valliere 1961
Victoria Woodhull Parlin 1963
Frances Chamberlain 1964
Leonora de Sola Saurel 1964
Emily Lanier Selleck 1964
Anne Gile Sennott 1964
Wendy Stokes 1964
Anne Stillman Nordeman 1965
NancyBell Coe 1966
Brenda Johnson Dick 1966
Janet Isham Field 1966
Tina Shapleigh Schmid 1966
Margaret Cox Abbott 1967
Kathryn Hart Lansing 1967
Judith Milliken Holden 1968
Barbara Loether Mathieu 1968
Elizabeth Kilcullen Blake 1969
Susan C. Gurney 1969
Eliza Kimball 1969
Victoria Baker Masters 1969
Molly S. Mugler 1969
Gaier Notman Palmisano 1969
Ann Sherrill Pyne 1969
Laurie Dalton 1970
Lisa J. Kunstadter 1970
Christina Morris Raymond 1971
Susan Egbert Gilroy 1972
Louise Salmon 1975
Ann Oberrender Noyes 1976
Teresa Taggart Vogel 1976
Maureen Rice Onorato 1978
Lucy O. Browne 1979
Barbara Higgins Epifanio 1979
Anne Seel Furse 1979
Kathryn Lewis Heidt 1979
Catherine Whitney Welles 1979
Susannah Grant Henrikson 1980
Fraser Bennett Beede 1981
Isobel L. Ellis 1981
Valerie Greene Flynn 1981
Darcy S. Mauro 1983
Rebecca Wean Stilin 1983
Kirsten Sadler Edepli 1986
S. Gregg Renfrew 1986
Suzannah McLain Smith 1988
Genevieve L. Hannon 1989
Johanna Young Llewellyn 1989
Jennifer Livanavage Lusins 1989
Karen T. Staib 1990
Nancy White Wheeler 1990
Ashley Megna Prymas 1992
Kira Mohaupt Cordasco 1993
Qian Wang Smith 1994
Barbara Ellis 1996
Sabrina E. Smeltz 1996
Elyse Topp-Poirier Slayton 1997
Jessica Gordon-Roth 1999
Katharine Egan Kirk 1999
Joanna Kels Albright 2000
Kaiser S. McAdoo 2000
Fei Xue 2001
Ana Lucia Ortiz 2003
Rose Teng 2003
Sarah L. K. Babcock 2004
Allison L. Cappuccio 2004
Laura I. U. Collier 2006
Ashley Rose McLaury 2008
Maria L. Anselmi 2009
Mairead J. Deeley-Wood 2010
Anna E. Eccles 2010