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Student Life
Being a student at Porter's is richly rewarding in many different ways. In addition to all you'll learn in class, you will develop your interests and talents by exploring and having fun in a host of activities outside the classroom. Taking part in the many extracurricular programs available at Porter's in the arts, sports, community service, field trips, school traditions, and social events, as well as campus clubs and organizations, makes your experience here a fully rounded education, whether you are a day student or a boarder. Belonging to a small, friendly, and diverse community of girls fosters a strong sense of connectedness and friendships that will last a lifetime.


When the class day ends and the sports teams put away their equipment, the co-curricular opportunities at Miss Porter’s School come alive. With 45 clubs, several performing groups, countless community service opportunities, new activities each weekend, and revered traditions, there is something for everyone. Activities for the upcoming weekend are posted each Tuesday, and students may sign up online. Students are invited to suggest different activities, and the Student Head of Activities works closely with the Associate Dean of Students to make sure there are opportunities everyone can enjoy each weekend.

The school shuttle runs several times each weekend, providing transportation to area malls, movies, bookstores, museums and restaurants. There are also many on-campus activities offered on the weekends, such as swimming and use of the fitness center, spa nights, game nights, coffee houses and club meetings and events.

There are many opportunities to interact with boys on the weekends. Porter’s belongs to a consortium of 11 area schools, which alternate hosting inter-school events on Saturday evenings. Porter’s students meet and form friendships with other students within the consortium at events such as dances, performances, ski trips, carnivals, trips to Six Flags, and concerts.

Advisor System

Each New Girl is assigned an advisor who is a full-time member of the faculty or staff. The advisor provides academic and personal support for his or her advisee and is available to the student and her parents for informal counseling. Advisors meet weekly with their advisee group, during which time students form bonds with fellow advisees and discuss a range of topics from academics or sports to social issues or upcoming dances. The advisor often offers snacks, along with encouragement, humor, and sage advice to his or her group during these weekly meetings. Advisors also develop comfortable relationships with their advisees by meeting with them individually on a regular basis. Advisors celebrate their advisees’ successes and offer guidance for academic and personal issues during these meetings. 

Dean of Students Office

List of 4 members.

  • Laura Jalinskas 

    Dean of Students
  • Vera Polacek 

    Associate Dean of Students
  • Christine Neville-Smith 

    Director of Residential Life, House Director - Humphrey Dorm
  • Joanne  Conlogue  

    Assistant to the Dean of Students
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