2021 Sarah Porter Excellence in Teaching Award

Dr. Elizabeth Simison

The Sarah Porter Award for Excellence in Teaching Award has been conferred each year since 2005 to a faculty member nominated by members of the students. 

Past award winners have included Noah Clark, Elena Castro Diaz, and Sarah Quinn.

In May students are asked to nominate an outstanding educator who demonstrates the following qualities:

  1. The teacher has a thorough knowledge appropriate for his/her teaching assignment and stays abreast of recent developments in the field.
  1. The teacher uses a variety of teaching techniques suitable to the age and needs of the students and the subject matter being taught.
  1. The teacher establishes positive relationships with students, which, while recognizing the differing roles of adult and child, are characterized by mutual respect and goodwill.
  1. The teacher models integrity, curiosity, responsibility, creativity, and respect for all persons, as well as an appreciation for racial, cultural, and gender diversity.

Here are some of the comments students shared about this year’s winner:  

This teacher is very wholesome.

This teacher always brought fun to the class with their creative ideas for class activities, is very focused, and is super helpful to anyone. 

This teacher cared about both us and our education by making sure that the classroom was a healthy learning environment with many opportunities to change the way we wanted to learn. 

This teacher gives great feedback in class and pushes us to dig deeper into our work. I am enriched by our class discussions and always leave class wishing that we had more time.

This teacher adapted her curriculum and classes each day to fit the varying needs of her students and the chaos of the pandemic. She cultivates a community of support in every classroom and truly cares about each student. 

She supplements her class with readings from current events, keeping her classes updated and informed on issues outside of Farmington.

She made everyone feel welcomed. 

For the first time in my Multimodal Composition class, I had her, and I loved the way she taught the class; she was incredibly supportive and understanding. She taught me to love writing, and as a result, she’s become one of my favorite teachers.

I am proud to present this award today to a truly talented educator whom I hold in the highest esteem, and I am delighted that you, the students, do so as well.

On behalf of the Miss Porter’s School community, it is my distinct pleasure to present the 2021 Sarah Porter Excellence in Teaching Award to Dr. Elizabeth Simison.