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In 1843, Sarah Porter founded a school. Her purpose? To create access to transformational education.

Today, Miss Porter’s School augments that legacy with innovation to prepare young women to shape a changing world.

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How can an interdisciplinary curriculum help solve humanity’s pressing problems?


How could the democratization of the South Korean beauty industry shape health and inclusivity?


Can art shape the way we think about the environment, and even spur us to advocacy?


How can medicine be equitable, when the underlying research is often biased toward certain ethnic groups?


What power does choreography have to call our attention to social issues?


How does the experiences of Mexican and Filipino immigrants to the United States compare and contrast?

Can engineers use a virtual program to design life-saving ventilators? 


Could cutting-edge blockchain technology help bring safety to the diamond mining industry across Africa?

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Lifelong friends, endless fun, and a caring support system.

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How will you expand your mind at porter’s?

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How will you unlock your future?

Imagining a future at Porter’s?