Application Process

For All International Applicants

Below you will find information regarding important points for consideration as an international student applying to Miss Porter’s School.

We define the term international student as a student who is not a U.S. citizen and does not hold a U.S. passport and is not a permanent resident of the U. S. These are the students for whom we will need to issue a form I-20 and who will need an F-1 visa to enter the U.S.

All international students must submit the same application materials as a domestic applicant; if you are a non-native English speaker, you must also submit an official TOEFL score report. Please contact Associate Director of Admission, Kathryn Simison at if you have any questions about Porter’s or the application process. U.S. citizens and permanent residents living abroad should also contact Kathryn Simison.

FAQs for All International Families

List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Porter’s has requested additional writing samples from me. What types of writing samples do you accept?

    In order to evaluate a student’s academic English proficiency and to best be able to gauge her success in the classroom, we do, at times require additional writing samples. If asked, please do not submit samples of creative writing (short stories, poetry, etc.) or research papers. The best samples are examples of in-class writing assignments or answers from essay questions on an assessment.
  • Q. Do you set quotas for accepting students from different regions or countries?

    No, we do not set quotas. However, we do look for diversity within our international and overall student population, and we welcome applications from students from all over the world. We strive to have balance in our overall numbers and within each class.
  • Q. Do you offer financial aid to international students?

    No, we do not offer financial aid to international students (see definition above)Students and families applying for financial aid must be U.S. citizens paying U.S. taxes.
  • Q. Do you have ELS (English Language Support) courses?

    We offer ELL support for our international students but do not have a curricular ELL program of study for students. All students in grade 9 take English 9 and Foundations of Western Civilization; all students in grade 10 take English 10, and History Area Studies courses, etc. Students are given a Porter’s placement test when they arrive in September to determine if they require ELL support.
  • Q. What tests are required for admission?

    We take a holistic approach to our application screening process and standardized tests are one component of the application process.


    We require that all students applying for grade 9 and 10 take the SSAT ( On average we are looking for an overall score in the 70th percentile range. We recognize that goal on the verbal and writing sections may be more challenging for non-native speakers of English. Please request that your official SSAT test results be sent to Porter's directly; Porter’s SSAT code is 5122.

    Additionally, if English is not your first language, we request that you take the TOEFL iBT (internet based test): Test of English as a Foreign Language ( Please request that your official TOEFL iBT test results be sent to Porter’s directly; Porter’s TOEFL code is 8606. For students applying for grade 9, we are looking for an overall score of at least 90, and for incoming 10th and 11th graders we are looking for an overall score of at least 100.
    *If you have been studying at an American school for 3 or more years, you do not have to submit a TOEFL score.

    Presently we do not accept the SLEP test.
  • Q. How can I interview if I am not able to come to campus?

    We encourage all prospective students and families to come to campus for a visit (tour, class visit, and interview). We understand that a campus visit is not possible for all of our international families and we offer Skype interviews for any students for whom a campus visit and interview is not feasible. Before conducting a Skype interview we require that international applicants submit their official SSAT and TOEFL scores for consideration.
  • Q. I’ve submitted my application after Jan 15, will my application still be considered?

    After the January 15 deadline, we will continue to accept applications for students on a rolling basis. However, we will first read and evaluate all completed applications received by January 15 and those students will receive a March 10 decision. Students submitting an application after January 15 will be read and evaluated but may not receive an admission decision by March 10.
  • Q. Do we accept international students as Day Students?

    No. Since international families are coming from out of the country, it is our philosophy that international students must board in order to fully experience the benefits our community offers.
  • Q. Do you accept mid-year applicants?

    We do not accept mid-year applications.

Additional Information for Chinese Families

As the number of qualified applicants from China continues to exceed the number of available spaces, it is important to us to have a system in place that is fair to all families. Therefore, to better serve the families of our applicants and our office, Porter’s uses a pre-application process for students applying from China. NOTE: If you are applying for 10th, 11th, or 12th grade, please contact the Admissions Office to inquire about spaces available before completing the pre-application process.

The pre-application process is very simple, and all items must be complete before we schedule a Skype or on-campus interview with an Admission Officer. This process ensures that your English proficiency will allow you to succeed if you are accepted and enroll at
Pre-application process:
  1. An interview with Vericant in China (Note: If you are currently living and attending school in the U.S. the Vericant interview will be waived). 
  2. Your official SSAT score report sent from SSAT. 
  3. Your official TOEFL score report sent from TOEFL. 
To provide an equal opportunity for all Chinese applicants interested in Porter’s we have partnered with Vericant. Vericant will conduct preliminary interviews and short writing samples with our applicants in Mainland China. Vericant does not evaluate candidates but, instead, posts the interviews online for the admissions team from Porter’s to review. We recommend you complete this process as early as possible as priority is given to those candidates who interview early in the process. The deadline for interviewing with Vericant is January 1.

Please note that your application fee to Porter’s does not include the Vericant interview costs. To learn more about Vericant and to schedule an interview with them, please visit: In early September and usually within a week of receiving your inquiry or application, Porter’s will submit your name and contact information to Vericant. In response, a representative from Vericant will reach out to you and your family to schedule the interview. However, to complete the pre-application process promptly, we suggest that students contact Vericant directly.

Official Score Reports:
All applicants must submit an official SSAT and TOEFL iBT test report. The Porter’s test code for the SSAT is 5122, and the Porter’s test code for the TOEFL is 8606. Please note that all reports must be sent to us directly from SSAT and TOEFL to be considered official. Once all the pre-application materials have been submitted and evaluated our Associate Director of Admission, Kathryn Simison will contact you about scheduling an interview.

FAQs for Chinese Applicants

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

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