Leadership Programs for Middle School Girls

Porter's Leads inspires girls to become comfortable with their personal power and engage in the world as leaders. Our series of programs equips girls in grades five through nine with the leadership competencies, skills, and confidence necessary to shape a changing world.

Our Leadership Framework

Our leadership framework sets girls on a path to visionary leadership. Girls evolve from self-leader to collaborative leader to community leader before focusing on the larger world as a visionary leader.
As self-leaders, girls cultivate their self-awareness, authenticity, and integrity. At the same time, they explore their interests and talents with curiosity and joy.
As collaborative leaders, girls develop their confidence and problem solving skills, focus on teamwork and conflict resolution, and embrace risk-taking. They discover what it means to learn from success and failure, to adapt to group dynamics, to work creatively, and to share responsibility with others.
As community leaders, girls begin to embrace possibilities for impacting their communities and learn how to model behavior. It is at this stage that girls develop confidence and competence and begin to take risks as leaders seeking to inspire others. They continue to develop their intellectual agility, creativity, and communication skills.
As visionary leaders, girls invest in developing those around them, welcome innovation, and promote big picture thinking. They learn how to balance short and long term goals, inspire others to action, and advance a shared vision.

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To learn more about Porter's Leads, contact Director of Summer Programs Lauren Bahre at lbahre@missporters.org

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