Great way to start the season

Our JV soccer team started the season in a very good way. During the first half we dominated most of the time, showing patience when we had ball possession, moving the ball with criteria and creating opportunities to score. On defense, we played as a solid block not giving the other team chances to score. We finally were able to score on a beautiful assist from Julia to Alyssa. Alyssa was able to get away from her defender and shot at opposite side of the goalie. During the second half we did not play with the same level of intensity, allowing Master's school to have some chances. One of those chances was a penalty against us. Lila showed nerves of steel and was able to block the ball. That penalty was a wake up call and after that, we were on the offensive again. Sabrina had to good chances to score that went out for a little bit, and towards the end of the second half Natalie stole the ball from a Master's defender and score the second goal for us. Overall it was a very good effort from the whole team and a great way to start the season