This is soccer

There are no easy games
"that's the way soccer is, we deserved to win, but this is about goals", "this is soccer, they had two chances and they scored two goals", "I think we did things right, we had the ball possession, the tea, looked good but we couldn't score". These typical soccer sentences were going through my mind five minutes before the end of the game. We dominated during most of the game, but we could not create clear chances to score. It is true that several times we tried to attack right through the middle, where NMH concentrated several players, but around the middle of the first half, Alyssa shot from far and she was able to put the ball out of the goalkeeper's reach. It was a beautiful goal. Unfortunately, NMH tied not long after on a ball our defense could not clear and we went to halftime with a 1-1 score. On the second half, we made some adjustments keeping the ball on NMH's field most of the time. However, NMH was able to put a long ball through where two NMH players outran our defense and they scored the second goal. Our team did not lose focus and they kept playing with poise. With less than three minutes to play and when it seemed we were going to lose, Sarah first and Kathryn after, scored two goals almost back to back, allowing is to win our first home game this season. It was a well-deserved victory. We still have work to do but I know this team will keep improving. After the game, the only thing I could think of was when someone asked Gareth Bale what his team had to do to win the game, he said: "just score one more goal than the other team."  And that is what we did today :)