Tough and Close

Katherine Doemland
JV Field hockey posted a close, tough loss to Hopkins yesterday at Oaklea Field.
Under blistering conditions on the turf at Oaklea Field yesterday, JV Field Hockey posted a tough, close loss to Hopkins School. Playing with all their might and determination, the team demonstrated relentless fortitude right up to the final whistle. Experienced players and newcomers alike played with amazing endurance. With few subs and more than a couple of unlucky injuries, the team maintained their focus and resolve throughout competition. Putting us on the board was freshman Georgia Finley who is beginning to show her stripes as a strong, versatile player. As ever, the trifecta of senior captains Claire Golder, Caroline Ma, and Priyanka Tomar led the charge with impeccable skill and leadership. There's no better sweep than freshman Nia Carroll, who executes play with excellent field sense and skill and radiates a winning attitude in practice and competition. Sophie Schaeffer '21 and Lydia Woodworth '21 were unstoppable. Unfazed by heat, opposition, and intense play, both Schaeffer and Woodworth dodged, dared, and dove into Hopkins D and O to quick-step to the ball and control the second-half especially. Similarly, Lily Jenden '22 and Reina Salama '22 gave (literally) of themselves to each and every play: each and every play; no charge too big, no task too small. Sam Manafort '22 played a tremendous game, marking her opponent with mosquito-like tenacity. Jessica Hua '22 lived Winston Churchill's words: "Never, ever ever ever ever give up." Bringing their indomitable spirit and endless quest to perform for the win were Annabel Adeyeri '22, Emi Alzrak-Reynes '21, and Elisa Apple '21. Goalie Soleil Lech '22 moved with deft determination for 50 minutes of play, and Bunny Rutledge '20 provided outstanding support to her teammates. Ten more minutes of play would have evened-up the score, but after an exciting game and a tremendous demonstration of many newly acquired plays, we jogged off the field to prepare for another day. As coaches, we're #portersproud.