Porter's vs. Williston

Porter's hosted class B opponents Williston this past Saturday. The opponents were very organized, athletic and showed a lot of desire to break up the momentum of the ball. Very early in the game, Kyla Gallagher '20 and Sam Halligan '21 came close to scoring but the Williston Keeper showed very good handling with both efforts. The girls in green moved the ball around well for a lot of the half but needed to show more patience (in possession) for longer periods. Midway through the first half, a corner kick was worked from right to left until Carlyn Kosienski '19 received a pass from Gallagher '20 who hit the top corner from just inside the area. Porter's Soccer did a good job of playing out of the opponent’s high press and entered the attacking third on many occasions. Early in the second half, Gallagher '20 provided a clever touch to Laura Gouvin '20 who beat a defender before calmly finishing to complete the scoring. Pia Davis '21 was close to making it 3-0 but her effort hit the inside of the post and bounced across the goal line. Kosienski '18, Lauren Schramm '20, Marjorie Plants '21 and Shayla Procanik '18 worked tirelessly on the wings and Katie Konin '19, Gabby Owens '19, and Meghan Keating '20 were excellent in and out of possession.

Thank you again to all of the parents for providing such a great spread and atmosphere at the Tailgate! Porter's Soccer plays at home on Monday (9/17) at 4.30pm vs. Founders League and Class B opponents KO.