Porter's Scores Its Second Consecutive Victory in Straight Sets

JV Volleyball racked up its second consecutive straight-set victory on Wednesday, this time over Westover School. It was a hard-fought match, with Westover’s players refusing to give up and showing tremendous grit, play after play. Despite facing such a tenacious adversary, Porter’s remained positive throughout the match, thanks in part to the affirming leadership and adept play of Captains Alexia Cusano ’20 and Carolyn Nida ’19. Porter’s front line adapted well to the tipping skills of Westover, with Haley Baum ’20 making several impressive plays, alongside Cassie Alwang ’20, Lucinda De Laney ’20, and Sasha Provost ’21. On the back line, Angela Yuan ’21’s hustle helped her make several heads-up saves, while Susan Zhang ’21 and Susie Sun ’20 remained as dependable as always. Tyler Smith ’20 was a force to be reckoned with regardless of where she was on the court, while Maddie Guilmartin ’21 and Scout Davis ’21 helped Porter’s to victory through both their serving and play on the court. Porter’s looks forward to the challenge of playing away at Choate Rosemary Hall on Saturday.