Girls Win Here!

Katherine Doemland
JV Field Hockey Posts a "W" Against a Competitive Williston-Northampton Team.
In an outstanding and challenging home game yesterday, the Porter's JV field hockey team played an aggressive 50 minutes of competition with speed, strength, skill, and confidence. Vying against a deep and dexterous Williston team, Porter's applied all lessons learned in practice: passing, communication, going wide, and rapid shooting in the circle. The corners were frequent and well-organized, and Porter's tallied-up at least eight shots on goal in the first half, putting us on the board in the first 15 minutes of play. At half-time the score was 2-0, and in a moment of excellent play in the second half, the Williston team slipped-in a terrific shot against which keeper Soleil Lech '22 could not possibly defend. Porter's goals were scored by Priyanka Tomar '19 and Caroline Ma '19, with excellent assists by Claire Golder '19, Lydia Woodworth '21, and Sophie Schaeffer '21. On defense, Sam Manafort '22 and Lily Jenden '22 cleared and controlled in the circle and at the 25, and Georgia Finley '22 and Jessica Hua '22 cleared the lane and kept pressure on the Williston offense. Charis Ng '20 at center midfield dodged, dug, and drove above the 50, all while Lydia Woodworth '21 cut-to and lifted to open the field for expertly executed passes. Reina Salama '22 marked with the unstoppable force, and Elisa Apfel '21 took the field with gazelle-like speed and accuracy. Teammate Emi Alazraki-Reynes '21 assumed the role and responsibility as halfback for most of the second half. Finally, our talented and esteemed sweeper, Nia Carroll '22, turned challenge into opportunity time and time again, passing long and flat or creating a perfect push pass to the fullback. This victory belongs to the entire team, with special attention given to scorers Caroline Ma '19 and Priyanka Tomar '22. Also, one very loud shout-out to Lydia Woodworth '21 for her assistance, speed, and directional changes throughout the game. Girls Won Here!