Frustration Far From Farmington

Katherine Doemland
JV Field Hockey suffered a frustrating loss to Kent on Satuday afternoon. 
JV Field Hockey suffered a frustrating 0-2 loss to Kent on Saturday on the Kent multi-use turf fields. The thicker surface of the turf and the longer fibers created enough imbalance in the first 15 minutes of play that Porter's had to adjust their game speed and commit to an aggressive approach to the ball. After a brief time-out in the first half to re-set expectations, Porter's returned to the field with fire in the belly. Posting nine shots on goal and ten corners, Porter's was all but guaranteed the first goal. And they persisted with great enthusiasm! At the half-time whistle, Porter's talked about strategies to score within the first 10 minutes of the second half. We were the dominant team and just needed one lucky break. Pressuring the Kent D and O, Porter's again logged at least eight shots on goal before a Kent breakaway that posed a setback, but not a loss. Rebounding quickly and with great intention, Porter's again garnered another ten corners and almost an equal number of shots on goal. In an unfortunate turn of events, Kent slid a low shot just inside the goal, and it was nearly too late for Porter's to recoup the score.

We saw outstanding, resilient, bold and resourceful play from Reina Salama '22 and Nia Carroll '22. Sophie Schaeffer '21, a versatile, swing player, rode out the vagaries of an uncertain ball bounce on a new surface, and teammate Lydia Woodworth '21 played the game of champions, cutting, calling, and confiscating the ball at each and every opportunity. Similarly, senior co-captains Claire Colder, Carolina Ma, and Priyanka Tomar led the field with excellent skills, stick work, and exemplary anticipation of play. They continue to be the backbone of this tremendous JV team. Following their leadership on and off the field is Charis Ng '20, who makes center-mid look easy with her perceptive peripheral vision, speed, and uncompromised directional accuracy.

Sam Manafort '22 kept her post close and protected, as did Georgia Finley '22 and Lily Jenden '22, who backed goalie Soliel Lech '22 to defend and deflect Kent in their attack. Freshman Jessica Hua, playing wing, kept her stick low and ready. She turned to face the ball at every interaction. Additional support from Annabel Adeyeri '22, Emi Alazraki-Reynes '21 and Elisa Apfel '21 kept pressure on Kent until the clock ran down. Though the score should have been far more favorable and reflecting a win for Porter's, we boarded the vans for a long ride home knowing we had played a great game. Olympian Wilma Rudolph reminds us that "Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday." At Porter's, we work with champions.