Porter's FH Struggles Against Experienced Kent Team

Nelle Andrews
After a short five minutes of play, an experienced and talented Kent squad had already secured a 3 goal lead, and Porter's had their work cut out for them. After a quick time-out, Porter's regrouped and gathered some offensive pressure which led to more balanced back and forth for the next 20 minutes of play. Porter's scored a goal towards the end of the half, but Rachel Hart's lifted ball was deemed too dangerous and the goal was called back. Unfortunately, a defensive breakdown in the final 5 minutes of the first half led to a 4th and 5th goal for Kent, and goalie Elizabeth Muller ('19) ended the half with 2 saves. The challenges continued in the second half, but there were some bright moments and solid play from the midfielders, Audrey McMillan ('20), Cricket Barnes ('19), and Rachel Hart ('20). After being tackled and knocked down by a recovering Kent defender on a breakaway, senior forward Clare Porter ('19) was able to tip in the team's lone goal off a shot from Rachel Hart ('20) in the following penalty corner. Unfortunately, Kent's powerful offense proved to be more than the Porter's squad could handle, but it was a good effort overall. Goalie Kami Vigilant ('20) recorded 2 saves in the second half.