JV Brings Home a Win Against Suffield Academy

Katherine Doemland
JV Field Hockey Wins Against a Strong Suffield Academy Team.
JV Field Hockey added another "W" to its record today against a strong and determined Suffield Academy team. Conditions were hot, sunny, and breezy, but the temps soared once again over the 80 degree mark, making constant, competitive play a grinding assault. Porter's stepped into the game having set an intention to win, but mid-way through the first half we needed adjustments, water, and a definitive strategy to meet our goal. With seniors captains Claire Golder, Caroline Ma, and Priyanka Tomar leading the charge, the midfielders began to cross, cut, pass flat and through, and shoot on goal in eight plays with generous corner opportunities. Still pressing the Suffield defense, Sophie Schaeffer '21 finally fought her way into the goal. She was assisted with elegant drives and lifts by Lydia Woodworth '21 and Charis Ng '20, who brought every player into the circle to wrestle shots on goal. Nia Carroll '22 was spot-on in communication and passing wide, and Georgia Finley '22 at fullback attacked the Suffield D with confidence and dexterity. The indefatigable Reina Salama '22 kept her stick low and ready, surely preventing the Suffield offense from encroaching on her players and allowing senior Priyanka Tomar access to the circle for our second goal.

Additionally, Jessica Hua '22, Elisa Apfel '21, and Emi Alazraki-Reynes '21 passed, defended, blocked, and caught ball after opponent ball to recover possession and control the second half. Annabel Adeyeri '22 stepped-in to jab and convert the ball. She had superlative support at the sweep from Lily Jenden '22 who never faltered and protected keeper Soleil Lech '22 in a definitive pact against defeat. Shout-outs, kudos, congrats, and cheers to a terrific game today. This win was a convincing moment that what we do in practice shows up in competition. Keep it up, JV! Work hard, play hard, and be together in the work.