Expectations, Disappointment, but Ever Onward

Katherine Doemland
Porter's left Westminster disappointed by a sound defeat this afternoon.
Playing against a skilled and dexterous Westminster JV Field Hockey team this afternoon, Porter's worked hard to gain control of the ball and keep possession. With "Grit and Grace," Westy used their speed and stick skills as a distinct advantage on their home field, and with a deep and talented bench, they outnumbered us in nearly every recorded statistic. Still, Porter's rallied mid-first half to attend to defense and capture the ball on several occasions, especially on the five-yard calls. Once we re-set the frame, Porter's returned to the field with focused attack on ball and solid, wide passes. What we fought for until the half was clearing the ball beyond the 25 and 50. When the whistle blew, we had five minutes to make significant changes and revise expectations about second-half play.

While winning is surely a desired outcome, teaching and learning, playing together, and creating options for play and for players is crucial to program development. THAT was our win today. We start every game with intentions and a commitment to play our best. While we struggled some in the latter part of the first half, the second half was a rebound for every player in a variety of positions and leadership roles on the field. Emi Alazraki-Reynes '21 played with strict attention to passing and blocking; her contributions to playing wide supported Claire Golder '10, Caroline Ma '19, Charis Ng '20, and Reina Salama '22. Additionally, Sophie Schaeffer '21 swapped with Charis Ng '20 to play mid and wing; our versatility as a team is an absolute strength as we face tough opponents in the remainder of the season. Similarly, Sam Manafort '22 and Lily Jenden '22 spotted each other as the final defense for goalies Soliel Leach '22 and Nia Carroll '22 who came off sweep to (almost literally) step into Soliel Lech's shoes. Great job, team!!

Finally, no game report would be complete without acknowledging Georgia Finley '22 playing with "bold, resourceful" skills today, and of course; the skill, talent, and total effort of Lydia Woodworth '21 makes every game a true competition. Further, Priyanka Tomar '19, Jessica Hua '22, Elisa Apfel '21, and  Annabel Adeyeri '22 dove into rigorous play and never settled the field until they could find a way to attack an opponent. Heading into play today we had clear expectations for a competitive game, and though we might have been disappointed by the results, we "high-fived" the Westminster team knowing we played a strong opponent with our best effort. Ever onward, with Great Expectations. (Thank you, Charles Dickens.)