Miss Porter's School vs. East Hartford H.S.

Miss Porter's School had a resounding win against East Hartford High School this week. Simrat, Annika and Jolie played strong and intelligent games in their singles, rewarding all the hard work they have put into practice this semester. The match also provided the opportunity for Jasmine, Joy and Bonnie to play competitively and it was great to see the players step up to the challenges, play as a team and win some difficult points.

1st Single Simrat won 21/6 . 21/5
2nd Single Annika won 21/5 . 21/4
3rd Single Jolie won 21/5 . 21/4

1st Double Simrat/ Annika won 21/11 . 21/8
2nd Double Alice/ Elle lost 17/21 . 16/21
3rd Double Jasmine/ Joy won 21/9 . 21/9
4th Double Jolie/ Bonnie won 21/11 . 21/10