Porter's Struggles to Find Net

The Porter's field hockey team struggled to find the net in their game against the Canterbury Saints this afternoon. Although Porter's forwards had a lot of scoring opportunities in the second half and a penalty stroke opportunity in the first half, Porter's shots were consistently deflected out of the circle. With unseasonably hot temperatures, the pace of the game was slow and intensity levels were inconsistent. The Canterbury goal was deflected off a defender in the circle with 2 seconds remaining in the game leaving Porter's no time to rebound. Despite the questionable nature of the goal, the officials deemed it legal and the game ended with a disappointing 1-0 score. Goalie Elizabeth Muller ('20) had 10 saves for the match and there were strong efforts on the field from midfielders Audrey McMillan ('20), Cricket Barnes ('19) and Rachel Hart ('20) and competitive play from forwards Clare Porter ('19) and Mel Belenardo ('20). Porter's hopes to improve on their consistency and intensity in their next game against St. Lukes on Saturday, Oct. 13th at 1:30.