JV Adds Another Win at Oaklea Field

Katherine Doemland
JV Field Hockey added another win against West Hartford Youth League at Oaklea Field yesterday.
JVFH added another "W" to the season yesterday against an accomplished West Hartford Youth League team. Like a well-conducted orchestra, Porter's overture began with a series of articulations in passing, marking, blocking, and clearing. The team played as a unit, with each synchronic movement building to the crescendo and climax of our first stunning, textbook goal by Lydia Woodworth '21. The play was directed by center-mid Caroline Ma '19, assisted by Sophie Schaeffer '21 and Reina Salama '22. At sweep, Sam Manafort '22 and forwards Lily Jenden '22 and Georgia Finley '22 played a finely-tuned, harmonic game inside (and ultimately outside of) the 25. In goal, the facile, nimble Nia Caroll '22 moved between adagio and allegro with equal skill and agility. Soleil Lech '22 and Bunny Rutledge '20 in wing and midfield respectively built a significant dynamic to Sophie Schaeffer's '21 crescendo: two goals within eight minutes of the second half. With each measure of the second-half especially, teammates Emi Alazraki-Reyes '21, Elisa Apfel '21, Charis Ng '20, Priyanka Tomar '19, and Jessica Hua '22 shifted between fermata and finale until the final whistle sounded a rousing "Brava" for Farmington! Congratulations on the outstanding tempo and timbre of a great performance at Oaklea Field!