Porter's Falls to Loomis in Second-Half Setback

Katherine Doemland
Porter's JV Field Hockey fell to a competitive Loomis team in the second-half of play.
Porter's JV Field Hockey fell to a competitive Loomis team in a second-half setback yesterday at Oaklea Field. In the first 25 minutes of play, Porter's looked aggressive and smart, passing wide, away from the center, and attacking at the 25 and into the circle. Captain Caroline Ma '19 at center-mid and Georgia Finely '22 kept control of the field with deft coordination and communication to Jessica Hua '22 at wing and Reina Salama '22 playing forward. Similarly, Sophie Schaeffer '21, Charis Ng '20, and Bunny Rutledge '20 scored possession and repeatedly challenged the Loomis defense, only to be returned to the 50 after eager and sustained attack engagement by Captain Priyanka Tomar '19 and Lydia Woodworth '21. At sweep, Sam Manafort '22, and later Annabel Aderyeri '22, as well as Lily Jenden '22 provided exceptional cover to goalkeeper Nia Carroll '22, who weathered two highly questionable goals and deflected abundant shots on goal. 

At the close of the half, with a score of 0-1, Porter's fought intensely to even the match in the second half. Sophomores Emi Alazraki-Reynes and Elisa Apfel worked diligently to carry the ball up right field; additionally, Soleil Lech '22 kept position and marked with authority and confidence. Unfortunately and in spite of Porter's great effort, Loomis scored in rapid succession in the second half, finally relegating the game to history. Next up: Rumsey Hall tomorrow afternoon. Come show your support, and GO GREEN!