Miss Porter's School vs. Emma Willard

MPS vs Emma Willard 10/20/2018 1st Single Roanna 21/5 21/8 2nd Single Simrat 21/9 21/4 3rd Single Annika 21/2 21/2 1st Doubles Roanna/ Simrat 21/13 21/18 2nd Doubles Annika/ Veronica 21/12 21/18 3rd Doubles Sara/ Jolie 21/19 21/13 4th Doubles Elle/ Joy 21/18 21/17 A great day of competition was had by all this afternoon and we were delighted to be joined by parents to celebrate senior day in the gym. Miss Porter’s came out strong in the singles and games were won swiftly and efficiently by the girls. There was stiffer competition in the doubles and the parents were entertained by some thoughtful and energetic play. Well done to Elle and Joy who played together unexpectedly for the first time and secured a win. And congratulations to all the players, Sky, Aanya, Enna and Jaylin for your positivity and good sportsmanship.