Nail-Biter at Oaklea Field

Katherine Doemland
It was a nail-biter at Oaklea Field today, as JVFH competed in a well-balanced match against Choate.
Porter's JV suffered a painful loss today after exciting play and excellent, well-balanced competition against Choate. Had the time clock been set for another ten minutes of play, it could have been a tie-game or a Porter's victory. Or, as the Choate coach reminded us post-game: "Today it was anybody's game." Porter's can be proud of their field work and skilled, aggressive play. The midfield, managed by Captain Caroline Ma '19 and supported by Lydia Woodworth '21, Charis Ng '20, and Captain Claire Golder '19, kept pressure on the Choate defense, while our offense, anchored by Lily Jenden '22, Georgia Finley '22, Sam Manafort '22, and Bunny Rutledge '20 held fast to wide lanes and long, strategic passes. 

The strength of the Porter's attack was powerful and punishing, pushing the ball into the 25 time and again, thanks to Sophie Schaeffer '21, Reina Salama '22, Jessica Hua '22, and Soliel Lech '22. Additionally, Elisa Apfel '21 and Annabel Adeyeri '22 navigated the field to keep the ball wide, flat, and through. With exceptional shots on goal but no formal results, Porter's left the field with heads held high, having played a "bold, resourceful, and ethical" game of field hockey at its finest. Special shout out to goalkeeper Nia Carroll '22 who deflected several shots on goal late in the second half, and high-fives to each and every player: this one was a nail-biter!