MPS wins their final game!

1st Single Roanna 21/11  21/8
2nd SingleSimrat  23/21 21/17
3rd SingleAnnika 21/8  21/11

1st DoublesSimrat/Roanna 21/11  17/21 13/21
2nd DoublesAnnika. Aanya  14/21 21/11 21/15
3rd DoublesSara/Jolie18/21  17/21
4th DoublesAlice/Elle21/6  21/13


A victory against Emma Willard to finish off the season! Each and every girl played their best game and displayed strong team work and determination on the court. Once again, all singles games were straight victories and our seniors played their last games with integrity and good sportsmanship.
The Doubles were harder fought, with Emma Willard putting out some good players to ensure that the crowd enjoyed very watchable and competitive badminton. Despite being a new paring, Annika and Aanya played incredibly well together and it was great to see their on-court chemistry leading them to victory.
Congratulations to all the girls and both teams.