Porter's Falls to Hotchkiss After Tremendous Play

Katherine Doemland
Porter's fall to Hotchkiss in a tremendous attempt at victory. 
At the JV level, it's rare to find play that rivals what you might see in D-1 competition. But yesterday at Hotchkiss, Porter's played a game that drew all kinds of attention: multiple corners, crafty inserts, wide passing, surprising goals--regrettably not for us against Hotchkiss--and a stroke shot on goal. "Never ever have I" seen this in anything but exemplary college play, and surely, it was an exciting--albeit challenging--moment for both teams. 
Porter's played an extraordinary first half, and Nia Carroll '22 defended the cage with exceptional finesse and flexibility. Demonstrating both field sense and fluid, kinesthetic understanding of the sport, Carroll continued to clear and deflect shots-on-goal until a beautiful, indefensible shot dropped into goal. Porter's persisted, and Captains Caroline Ma '19, Claire Golder 19, and Priyanka Tomar '19 kept control of the field, communicating beyond the front line to wing, mid-field, and fullbacks Lydia Woolworth '21, Reina Salama '22, Elisa Apfel '21, Emi Alazraki-Reynes '21, Jesica Hua '22, and Bunny Rutledge '20. 
These players: Charis Ng '20, Sam Manafort '22, Soliel Lech '22, and Sophie Schaeffer '21, proved that great players adjust to the field and step-into any position that requires their skill, strength, and courage. These are fearless, adaptable players--our entire team functions this way--and though we had hopes for a different outcome, we walked off the field knowing we had given our best effort against a skilled team and a deep bench. 
With two significant injuries plaguing the JV team, each player dug deep to protect one another. Porter's left Hotchkiss with heads held high and generous compliments from the coaching staff of the opposing team. Stay GREEN, PORTER'S! The season's not over yet!