Tough victory

Our game against Hotchkiss was a difficult one. To begin with, our team had 12 players available against 24 players on the Hotchkiss team. One of the key aspects of that game was the poise we had when having control of the ball. At times, the ball did not circulate through midfield and it seemed to go from one area to another quite fast. Once we started moving the ball, making sure our midfielders had control of the ball to distribute to the wings of forwards we had some chances to score.
On the second half, both teams had chances to score, but our defense was very solid and they were able to stop Hotchkiss most of the game. 
Alyssa was able to score for us when it seemed the game was going to end up without any goals. After we scored Hotchkiss started to attack more and more, even some of their players had a strong level of intensity when challenging our players or trying to steal the ball away. Luckily for us, nobody was injured and we were able to finish with a victory. It was a great victory because it was a difficult game to play. Well done, Miss Porter's!!