A good victory

After the game against Hopkins yesterday I went home with a smile because I had the happy feeling you have after everything went well.
Before the game we were a little concerned because it was our back to back game, especially because it was a tough match against Hotchkiss. Hopkins was able to have two or three players pressing the ball most of the game, but instead of being nervous, we did communicate and we move the ball with poise and always looking for the wings or the ball through for our strikers. As much as Hopkins run, they were never faster than the ball, and once our defense realized their striker (number 16) was extremely fast (maybe one of the fastest players we have seen this season), they made the necessary adjustments to neutralize her.
Alyssa scored both goals which gave us some piece of mind and helped us keep having possession of the ball without being nervous and/or anxious. It was a very well played game by the whole team. Kudos to all of them!
Now we have one more game on Saturday and we hope we can play at least at the same level we played on Thursday against Hopkins.