Porter's falls to Pomfret

Porter's started off strong in the first half, breaking up much of the Pomfret offensive pressure in the midfield.  With ten minutes left in the half, Pomfret earned a corner and they were able to tip it past the defense into the goal to take the lead.  Porter's responded with significant offensive pressure, but unfortunately they were unable to convert their chances into goals.  The second half started with balanced play from both teams and Porter's had some chances again early in the half.  Despite Pomfret's 2nd and 3rd goals (at 19 and 14 minutes), Porter's continued to show a solid effort.  Players Morgan Mastrangelo ('19), Mel Belenardo ('20), Gabe Brewer ('19), and Clare Porter ('19) had some nice passing and pressure on the forward line, while defenders Grace Bergin ('19), Natalie Brennan ('20), McKenna Cutler ('19), and Jackie Witt ('20) did their best to get the ball up to their forwards through the feisty and aggressive Pomfret midfield.  Elizabeth Muller tended goal in the first half, recording 1 save, while Kami Vigilant defended the goal in the second half, recording 2 saves.  Porter's plays Ethel Walker next Monday, 11/5 at 3:30pm.