What a way to end the season!!

We finished our season playing against Choate, and I will not lie if I say that Friday and Saturday I was quite nervous thinking about this game because Choate is usually a challenging team and because we wanted to end the season with a victory.
We started the game playing as we did against Hopkins, controlling the ball, trying to make the field wide and moving the ball from side to side. In one of the chances, Kathryn chipped the ball over the goalie to score our first goal.
Right after the goal, our level of intensity went down a bit, allowing Choate to have more control of the ball and getting close to our goal. Thankfully our defense was able to neutralize any of their chances.
The beginning of the second half was confusing because we were playing as if the game had already ended, not pressuring the ball, no communicating with our teammates and, showing little effort. Thankfully that lasted only five minutes and, slowly, we started to be ourselves playing with our usual level of intensity and moving the ball trying to find the best option to score. Our second goal came about five minutes before the end of the game when, after kicking a corner kick Lila got the ball and was able to score. 
After that second goal, we only had to control the ball, defend and wait for the end of the clock.
This has been a great season and the team ended up on a very high note. They have grown as a team and I am thankful I did witness it.
Thank you to Sarah and Alyssa, our seniors and captains for being role models for the rest of the team both in and outside the field.
Thank you to Paulina, Olivia, Alexandria, Ella, Lila, Sabrina, Marah, Eliza, Meg, Julia, Kathryn, Annie, Natalie, and let's not forget our thirds contingent: Julia and Helen.
It has been a pleasure spending this season with you, watching you practice and play every day. I hope you continue playing soccer and practicing as much as possible.
And of course, to the one and only responsible for all this. The person who does not like the spotlight but that it truly deserves to be on the spotlight because hers is the credit for such an amazing season: Robin. Not only she is the living example of someone that can speak ten words per second :) but she has been an amazing coach for this team and I was privileged to have learned so much. To whoever reads this, please do not hesitate to congratulate her on a work very well done.