"Ask not for whom the bell tolls..."

Katherine Doemland
"... it tolls for thee." Porter's captures a win against Ethel Walker in outstanding competition.
"Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." And when the JV field hockey team rang the victory bell this afternoon after our win against Ethel Walker, it was a sweet, sweet moment at the end of a spirited season of growth, challenge, and teamwork. Porter's played an exceptional game against well-matched competition from Walker's, standing in firm opposition to defy a strong defense and skilled offense. Goalkeeper Nia Carroll '22 kept the cage free from Walker's interruptions--of which there were many--and her dream-team back-up squad of Lily Jenden '22, Georgia Finley '22, and Sam Manafort '22 protected the goal and cleared to the side with deft form and equal consistency.
Mid-fielders Sophie Schaeffer '21, Caroline Ma '19, and Lydia Woodworth '21 were unstoppable as they built the line from Charis Ng '20, Reina Salama '22, Priyanka Tomar '19, and Claire Golder '19. Into the deep were Bunny Rutledge '20, Soleil Lech '22, Annabel Adeyeri '22, Emi Alazraki-Reynes '21, and Elisa Apfel'21. With two goals evenly divided between the first and second half thanks to Sophie Schaeffer '21 and Lydia Woodworth '21 respectively, the support from their teammates was invaluable in making this win a bell-tolling moment. Brava to a great team with an even greater attitude: #JVFH2018!