"Goodbye to All That"

Katherine Doemland
Reflections on the past, thoughts on the present, looking toward the future.
It was a hard goodbye yesterday at Oaklea Field, with a season-ending loss against a strong and skilled Berkshire team, but it was so much more than that. 
Porter's needed the first-half to settle positions and adjust the field, but proved themselves in exceptional second-half play against a dominant team. Captains Claire Golder 19, Caroline Ma '19, and Priyanka Tomar '19 carried their indomitable spirit onto the field one last time threatening a corner in overtime play. Assisted by Charis Ng '20, Georgia Finley '22, Lily Jenden '22, and Sam Manafort '22, the offense drove to goal in both halves, only to be returned to the Berkshire circle by excellent, swift, and strong passing from the opposition. Porter's kept pressuring, with Jessica Hua '22, Soliel Lech '22, Lydia Woodworth '21, and Sophie Schaeffer '21 advancing up the line to meet Reina Salama '22 and Bunny Rutledge '20 in every flat-and-through. Defenders Emi Alazraki-Reynes '21 and Elisa Apfel '21 moved with lightening speed to attack; back in offense Annabel Adeyeri '22 protected goalkeeper-extrodinaire Nia Carroll '22 against serious and speedy drives on goal. You know the outcome. 
What you might not know is how deeply this small but mighty team grew as athletes, friends, and leaders. Many arrived in August with limited skills and experience; some had never picked up a stick before coming to Porter's. In a season of growth, ambition, camaraderie, skill-building, winning and losing, here's what we have: success, sadness, fitness, field sense and skill; motivation to be the best we can be--on and off the field--and kind, loving relationships. What makes for a more winning season? These young athletes competed at the highest level throughout the season. They demonstrated Porter's Core Characteristics and Mission in motion. JVFH 2018 is now a season in memory, where we reflect on the beginning and mourn the end. Congratulations to each and every wonderful player! You've made your school Porter's Proud, and we shall miss our long afternoons at Oaklea Field forming the endless bonds that connect--only connect.