Close match at Westy

Eileen Mooney
It was quite a close match at Westminster School on Saturday, January 26. While we lost, we played a very close game. Most notable match was Elle Lansing ('22), playing five very close games, but ultimately defeating her 3-2. Hall ('22), Andrews ('22), and Yang ('21) lost in tough matches (1-3), (0-3), (0-3), respectively, and were clearly out-experienced. These three have quite a future as squash players, and I look forward to seeing them play Westy again in a couple of weeks. Yubin Park ('21) also had a very close match and ultimately won 3-2, and should be commended for her tenacity and competitive spirit. Jennifer Pyo ('22) won her debut match in competitve play, beating her opponent (3-0). Mara Deckers ('22) had a close match as well, but ultimately lost 2-3. As one can see, it was really anyone's match!