Porter's Fall to Pomfret on Home Court

Katherine Doemland
Porter's fell to Pomfret yesterday on home courts.
JV Tennis lost on home courts yesterday to a competitive Pomfret team. Though evenly matched and eagerly played, Porter’s wrestled at deuce in most games and struggled to advance in pro-set play. The team demonstrated strength in serve and volley games, with extended returns, quick lobs, and active footwork. Freshman singles player Jenny Sun captured our lone Porter's win, but every team member was a significant contender as we pushed Pomfret to the final match. Additional singles players, Georgiana Eber '21, Mia Gergis '20, Astrid Voss '22, Enna Lee '22, and Bonnie Ko '21 worked the baseline and net, while doubles teams exercised tenacious placement skills. Eunice Akoth '22 and Soleil Lech '22; Tania Farah '20 and Grace Smith '20; Morgan Sperry '22 and Mareme Fall '21, and Sophia Foschini '22 and Ava Holland '22 played their respective eight game pro-sets with emerging authority and developing power. JV Tennis has a bold vision for the season, and we look forward to hosting Ethel Walker next week.