Tough Loss to Pomfret

Ayda Ardila
Varsity Tennis faced a tough loss at Pomfret yesterday.
Varsity Tennis traveled to Pomfret yesterday and faced tough competition in three singles and four doubles matches. In two sets with a ten point tie breaker for the third set, Porter's played well but fell against an equally skilled team in doubles competition. Singles players Mae Abreu '22, Sarah Wagner '21, Roanna Zou '19, and Marjorie Plants '21 demonstrated skill and resilience against their opponents. Plants lost in a close match after excellent play and fierce determination. In doubles play, Jackie Beaule '20 and Charis Ng '20; Elle Lansing '22 and Paulina Azzu '21 and Sofia Alvarez '19 and Dani Zamarippa '19 played admirably in strong competition. Exhibition players Cici Barton '20 and Isa Ramirez '20 faced experienced players in two sets. Varsity Tennis is looking forward to Saturday when we'll host Kent School in a home-court advantage.