Scores Can be Deceiving!

Katherine Doemland
The score doesn't tell the only story. 
In our first match of the season, Porter's played with valiant effort against the Tigers of Suffield Academy. On a sunny, blustery afternoon, Porter's headed outside the bubble for spirited and competitive game play. The final score captures the determining moment of play, but the other side of the story is that Porter's played with heart, soul, and impressive determination throughout each eight game pro-set, including freshman Jenny Sun's lengthy match in a robust, thrilling tie breaker. Other singles players: Tania Farah '20, Mia Gergis '20, and Gerogina Eber '21, played strategic matches against equally talented opponents. In doubles play, Grace Smith '20 and Mareme Fall '21; Soleil Lech '22 and Morgan Sperry '22; Enna Lee '22 and Eunice Akoth '22, and Ava Holland and Sophie Foschino '22 wore the court down from net to alley. Bonnie Ko '21 took her opponent to task in exhibition play, and the Porter's JV tennis team returned to Farmington satisfied by strong efforts from all.