Porter's Plays Strong Against Walker's

Katherine Doemland
Porter's played a competitive match against Walker's today on home turf.
There were smiles and disappointments this afternoon in strong competition against rival Ethel Walker School. Porter's can be proud of their play today: each singles player and doubles team left the court demonstrating distinct growth in preparation, training, and match play. Georgina Eber '21 and Jenny Sun '22 claimed wins in singles pro-set play. Their consistent baseline game and ability to anticipate a shot has given the team a reliable coordinate on game day. Mia Gergis '20, working on shot placement, is ready to accept the next level of challenge, while Astrid Voss '22 used her height and facile footwork to move the ball around the court at the behest of her power shots. In doubles play, Tania Farah '20 and Grace Smith '20 teamed up to win several impressive rallies against their Walker's opponents. Eunice Akoth '22 and Soleil Lech '22, and Enna Lee '22 and Mareme Fall '21 played robust and tenacious matches but ultimately fell in the win. In exhibition, Ava Holland '22 and Sophia Foschino '22, and Bonnie Ko '21 and Morgan Sperry '22 took their skills to the net, baseline, service line, and center court. Porter's played like aspiring Masters of the Tennis Universe today: great job, team!