Porter's Brings Home the "W" Against Walker's

Ayda Ardila
Porter's won against The Ethel Walker School in Simsbury on Wednesday.
Under cloudless skies and in warm, early-spring temperatures, Porter's won a handy victory against a strong showing by The Ethel Walker School. Singles players Roanna Zou '19, Sarah Wagner '21, Marjorie Plants '21, and Elle Lansing '22 made a clean sweep of the competition, as Lansing's match went as close to the edge as it possible could before it landed in a successful turnout. Doubles team Mae Abreu '22 and Jackie Beale '20 captured a 6-1 win, while Charis Ng '21 and Pauline Azzu '22 and Sofia Alvarez '19 and Isa Ramirez '20 fought forehand to backhand and serve to serve before the final games ended in Walker's favor. Varsity tennis has had a strong season to date and  e anticipate many exciting matches ahead!