Porter's Wins Big Against K-O

Katherine Doemland
Porter's scored a big win against Kingswood-Oxford at home this afternoon.
In evenly matched competition against Kingswood-Oxford this afternoon, Porter's played to the win, earning a 6-3 victory on our home courts. At number one singles, Georgina Eber '21 won in two tie breaker sets, while the rest of the singles line-up: Jenny Sun '22, Mia Gergis '21, Astrid Voss '22, and Tania Farah '21 each played terrific, athletic tennis, winning in tough serve and volley sets. Grace Smith '21, playing her first singles match ever, served handsomely in all eight games, and kept her opponent moving from center to baseline throughout their robust pro-set. In doubles competition, Eunice Akoth '22 and Mareme Fall '21, and Ava Holland '21 and Sophia Foschini '21 kept K-O on the offensive and played with emerging skill and confidence. Soleil Lech '22 and Enna Lee '22 won their doubles match in swift and sturdy play. In exhibition play, Bonnie Ko '21 and Morgan Sperry '21 tied at 5-5, only to have K-O rebound and rise-up in the last three games. Mia Gergis played in exhibition singles and wrapped today's win in a celebratory home-court advantage. Congratulations, JV tennis! You played yourself proud!