Tough Loss for Porter's Against Loomis Chaffee

Ayda Ardila
Porter's faced tough competition and played well, but couldn't find the win.
In lengthy competition against a formidable Loomis Chaffee team, Porter's fought hard but ultimately fell to defeat. In singles competition, Mae Abreu '22 forced a strong 10-5 win, with teammates Sarah Wagner '21, Cici Barton 20, Charis Ng '20, Marjorie Plants '21, and Jackie Beaule '20 demonstrating strong skills and rugged commitment throughout their ten-game sets. In doubles play, Marjorie Plants '21 and Mae Abreu '22 emerged victorious in an 8-5 defeat over their opponents, while teammates Sarah Wagner '21 and Elle Lansing '21, and Paulina Azzu and Georgina Eber '22 challenged and persisted in long and short game skills. Back to the baseline on Saturday when we face Hopkins--weather permitting!