Growth and Progress

Katherine Doemland
Porter's JV tennis is seeing significant mid-season growth and progress.
In a bit of a different line-up against a tough Taft team this afternoon, Porter's played hard and fought well, but couldn't push past a more experienced team. At number one singles, Tania Farah '20 worked her way to several advantage games, but ultimately lost in eight games. Similarly, Jenny Sun '22, Astrid Voss '22, Grace Smith '20, and Mareme Fall '21 played terrific tennis. They can each be proud of their significant mid-season skills; their coach is! In doubles play, Georgina Eber '21 and Mia Gergis '20, and Morgan Sperry '22 and Ava Holland '22 gave their best effort against Taft, but ultimately escaped the win. While the results might look disappointing, the truth is that this small but mighty team is improving everyday and  making terrific progress in each competition. Keep at it, Porter's!