Tough Against Taft, but Strong Play for All

Ayda Ardila
Porter's played a tough match against Taft yesterday, but all played well in competition.
Porter's played an aggressive and competitive match against Taft at home yesterday, but the Big Red came out ahead in 2-7 match play. Singles players Mae Abreu '22, Marjorie Plants '21, Elle Lansing '22, Charis Ng '20, and Cici Barton '20 each gave their best effort against strong opponents, and Sarah Wagner '21 fought diligently and consistently to an 8-1 victory. In doubles competition, Marjorie Plants '21 and Sarah Wagner '21, and Isa Ramirez '20 and Jackie Beaule '20 brought skill and determination to the court but ultimately fell in final match play, while Mae Abreu '22 and Elle Lansing '22 finished with an 8-5 win over their Taft opponents. Porter's fought the good fight with typical spirit, enthusiasm, and excellent sportswomanship. KEEP IT GREEN, Porter's, and keep your eyes on the prize!