Loss at Loomis

Katherine Doemland
Porter's lost to Loomis Chaffee yesterday following fine rallies.
Over on the Loomis Chaffee island yesterday, Porter's faced tough competition and ultimately lost in eight-game pro-set play. Following a few fine rallies, singles players Tania Farah '20, Jenny Sun '22, Grace Smith '20, and Astrid Voss '22 played with strength and focus, but couln't outplay their Loomis opponents. In doubles competition, Gerogina Eber '21 and Mia Gergis '20, Eunice Akoth '22 and Soleil Leach '22, and Enna Lee '21 and Ava Holland '22 went between add and deuce, finally falling (for one, quite literally) to Loomis. Special kudos to Ava Holland whose competition play has grown exponentially. In exhibition, Morgan Sperry '22--playing singles for the first time--made Porter's proud!