Hotly Contested; Highly Irregular?

Katherine Doemland
Porter's played well against several irregularities at Wilbraham Monson this afternoon.
Porter's arrived at Wilbraham Monson ready to win and had every opportunity in eight game pro-set play to capture what should have been a solid win. Our opponents were fair competition, but Porter's players were surprised by a number of calls they could not control and a coach who stepped into match play frequently and eagerly between games. To be sure, the Porter's players were caught off-guard at the interruption, but they maintained their composure and focus. Two games went into significant over time play: number three singles player Astrid Voss '21 went to a tie-breaker at 7-7, and first doubles team Mia Gergis '20 and Grace Smith '20 went to a tie breaker and continued match play to a 12-14 defeat. In singles competition, Tania Farah '20 and Jenny Sun '22 worked diligently to the end; Sun walked away with an 8-1 win. Ava Holland '22 and Sophia Foschina '22 looked strong and sure this afternoon, taking home a game in even match play. Soleil Lech '22 and Eunice Akoth '22 emerged victorious in an 8-1 win--congratulations! Enna Lee '21 and Morgan Sperry '22 gave their all to a hard-fought match, and regrettably, Mareme Fall '21 and Bonnie Ko '21 were unable to play because of the limited number of Wlibraham Monson players--uknown to us at the start of  competition. Porter's can take pride in their effort and emerging skill, and though we'd love a re-match, we'll take today as a lesson, opportunity, and demonstration of the elegance and intelligence of our Porter's mission and core values.