Great Play and a Tough Loss

Ayda Ardila
Porter's faced a tough loss against Greens Farms on Saturday. 
Under sunny skies and in great match play, Porter's owned a tough defeat against a competitive Greens Farms Academy team. Porter's number one, two, and three singles: Mae Abreu '22, Sarah Wagner '21, and Marjorie Plants '21 defeated their opponents in strong serve and volley games, demonstrating excellent footwork and quick reflexes throughout match play. Roanna Zou '19 and doubles players Elle Lansing '21 and Charis Ng '21; CiCi Barton '21 and Pauline Azzu '21, and Isa Ramirez '20 and Jackie Beaule '20 played with fierce determination and demonstrable skill, but couldn't parlay their strength and commitment into a win. Porter's returned to campus after a long afternoon of competition, knowing they had given their all and feeling inspired to bring their skills into a new week.