NMH tournament and Ethel Walker

On Saturday, April 27th we went to our annual NMH ultimate frisbee tournament.
This year it was a cold an unpleasant day to play since we had rain and hail at times.
The team did extremely well on the first two games, winning easily. They made the adjustment offense - defense quick at all times and our offense transition was fast and effective. As a result, we won the first game against Montpelier 8-1 and on the second game, we did beat Amherst 9-1.
Winning those two games was already a very positive result for us, since other years we could not do it.
The third game of the tournament was against Needham, and that was a tough game to play since the other team had a few really fast players and also a long distance thrower.  Miss Porter's never felt nervous on defense nor anxious on offense and we were able to put some distance on the scoreboard early in the game. Distance that we were able to keep throughout the game, winning 6-4 at the end.
Our last game of the tournament (our fourth game in a row) was against NMH. Even though the team was tired after playing three games back to back, we were able to control the game a win it at the end in an easier way than we thought. The result was 8-1.
So winning all four games allowed us to become the champions. A nice reward after playing nonstop for four hours and with cold weather.

Our game against Ethel Walker had two parts. In the first half, we did dominate, playing with poise and controlling all aspects of the game, finishing the first half 8-1.
During the second half, the team seemed more relaxed and out of ideas against Ethel Walker's defense. They decided to play zone defense, and even though we know what to do, we were not thinking clearly, allowing Ethel Walker to score points and us having difficulty scoring.
In the end, we won 11-8.