What a Wonderful World!

Katherine Doemland
Beautiful weather, lovely hosts, and terrific, competitive tennis at Hotchkiss today.
What a beautiful day for tennis! Sunshine, flowering trees, the world is in bloom... and Porter's played tennis that equaled that beauty. Every player had a competitive and strategic match, placing the ball against the opponents' odds and serving with skill and confidence. At number one singles play Georgina Eber '21 fought to a tie breaker and won in lengthy tournament play against an opponent worn down by Georgina's brilliant tactics and consistent serve. Brava, Georgina! The three remaining singles players: Tania Farah '20, Jenny Sun '22, and Astrid Voss '22, played the best tennis of their spring season. The volleys were sustained, smart, and surprisingly long. Brava, singles players! In doubles competition, Mia Gergis '20 and Grace Smith '20 found themselves in a similar situation of add-in games and excellent volleys. Mareme Fall '21 and Ava Holland '22 developed an inspiring rhythm to their match play, and Sophia Foschina '22 and Eunice Akoth '22 rallied hard to the end of their eight-game pro-set play. In exhibition play, Bonnie Ko '21 and Morgan Sperry '22 persisted to the finish, and no coach could ask more of a team than what Porter's brought to Hotchkiss on this lovely day in May.