Porter's Hosts Hotchkiss

Ayda Ardila
Porter's hosted an excellent Hotchkiss team on home courts today.
Facing strong competition against Hotchkiss this afternoon, Porter's played well and with focused determination but could not close the deal. Every player gave her all to a team whose best defense might be year-round competitive play, but Porter's played admirably and diligently against the better team. In singles competition, Sarah Wagner '21, Roanna Zou '19, Marjorie Plants 21, Elle Lansing '22, Charis Ng '20, and Isa Ramirez '20 brought game to their game, but ultimately fell to strong opponents. In doubles competition, Sarah Wagner and Roanna Zou, Marjorie Plants and Paulina Azzu '21, and CiCi Barton '20 and Jackie Beaule '20 offered every fiber of their competitive tennis selves to match play, and in the end: we still have to be Porter's Proud! Varsity Tennis brought their best game against a dominant Hotchkiss team, and Porter's: you rocked it.