Woe at Westminster

Katherine Doemland
It was a tough afternoon at Westminster, with losses across the board.
In spite of going in feeling ready for a second-day-in-a-row competition, Porter's took a tough hit from Westminster this afternoon in a 0-7 loss. Special shout-outs go to Ava Holland '22 Soleil Lech '22 who took three games from their Westy doubles opponents, and Mareme Fall '21 who won two games in singles competition. Well-done! In other matches, Porter's fought hard for their small victories, and at number one singles, Georgina Eber '21 took two games off her very fine opponent. Mia Gergis '21 and Tania Farah '21 played well but without the win, and Jenny Sun '22 and Grace Smith--pairing for the first time as doubles partners--did their best to outplay their opponents, but fell short of a total win. Astrid Voss '22 and Eunice Akoth '22, also new doubles partners, persevered until the end, as did Bonni Ko '21 and Enna Lee '22, Sophia Foschina '22, and Morgan Sperry '22. We have matches yet to play, and "miles to go before we sleep. / Miles to go before we sleep."