Powerful Play Against GA

Katherine Doemland
Porter's can be proud of their match play against an excellent team from Greenwich Academy.
Porter's played well and fought hard against an excellent team from Greenwich Academy yesterday, and our top three singles players especially rivaled their competition. Number one, two, and three singles players respectively: Tania Farah '20, Georgina Eber '21, and Jenny Sun '22 sustained lengthy games in tournament pro-set play. At number four singles, Astrid Voss '22, took her competitor to task in each game. In exhibition singles, Eunice Akoth '22, a first-time singles player, worked the court from baseline to net. In doubles competition, Ava Holland '22 and Soleil Lech '22, Mia Gergis '21 and Grace Smith '20, and Morgan Sperry '22 and Sophia Foschino '22 demonstrated a season's worth of skill in forehand, service, and net play. Exhibition doubles players Bonnie Ko '21 and Enna Lee '22 hit sure and solid shots, and it would be hard to say anything but "CONGRATULATIONS" to a most-deserving Porter's team.