Last of the Season

Katherine Doemland
Porter's fell in close competition to Westover on home courts today.
The last match of the season began much like the first: in tough competition, with strong resolve, and eager, enthusiastic play from each member of the team. It was also bittersweet: what we wanted at the close of the season came to fruition; new players and partners finding great success, and more experienced players finding great games. In the end there were a few surprising results mixed with significant effort and determination. Number one singles player Georgina Eber '21 worked her way into a solid and sure 8-4 win. Similarly, Jenny Sun '22--who has earned her reputation for the longest game play of every match--wore down her opponent and captured another 8-4 win. In doubles competition, the Dynamic Duo, (watch out for them next year!), of Mareme Fall '21 and Ava Holland '22 kept the 8-4 win consistent in excellent match play. Tania Farah '20, Astrid Voss '22, Mia Gergis '20 and Grace Smith '20, and Eunice Akoth '22 and Soleil Lech '22 each played with heart and soul right to the bitter end. We experienced a season of enormous growth and development, budding friendships, and emerging potential as athletes and competitors. In exhibition play, Morgan Sperry '22 played the best tennis of her burgeoning career, and Bonnie Ko '21 and Sophia Foschina '22 went to deuce at each point: how can this be anything but AWESOME! Brava to a team that has grown exponentially. Wait until next year!